Neil David Alexander Dillon headshot


Neil doing standupHaving been told that he was funny (looking) most of his life Neil decided to give being funny on purpose a go and thus a glittering career in standup was born. Neil regularly performs wherever people ask him to and can be seen in such exotic places as London, Manchester and Liverpool as well as regularly in his home country of Kent.


As one half of Ribs & Dill, Neil records a weekly digest of light-hearted bite-size news stories to keep you both informed and amused. You can find the episodes on all good podcast platforms and on ribsanddill.com. The show also goes out weekly at 6pm on Saturdays on 105.9 Academy FM Folkestone with added music.


Combining both his standup and his improv skills, Neil has taken to MCing comedy gigs like a duck to hoisin sauce. Neil enjoys making audiences sit up, listen and then fall about laughing. He Neil regularly MCs the Comedy Lock-In in The Anchor, Faversham.


Neil doing improvHaving studied under the amazing tutelage of Improv Gym, Folkestone, Neil enjoys flexing his improv muscles whenever the opportunity arises.